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'Where ideas are born into reailty'

'Treat the recording studio as a laboratory for conceptual thinking, rather than as a mere tool'

Brian Eno.

Music production once had its defined position within the chain. Develop the composition, or song, then into the studio with a producer and engineers to produce the sound. Although that is still a very real deal, it isn't the only one. A great deal of original music develops by auditioning sounds and samples and playing with synthesis and technology, to inspire and literally ignite music into life.

Recording is the creative process, the studio is the instrument. 

MM™ Production, mixing and mastering.

We believe the better the recording, the better the mix. The better the mix, the better the mastering. It all adds up to great sound.

Playing guitar in studio


Utilising the right technologies and working with dexterous professionals is essential to translate original compositions and ideas into great sounding reality. In many contemporary projects, production and engineering artistry often create the soundtrack. MM™ has and knows the right creative professionals.

Although much of our composition work is in-house, we work in many locations and studios around the world. Its all about the music and the feel. Most projects are unique in some, or every way and call for different technologies, skills and environments to make them work.

Live instrumentation and electonic recording - String and orchestral arrangements, engineering, mixing and mastering controlled and supervised by MM™

Mixing desk controls


Mixing is the alchemy of the art and mastering its accomplice. Without the right mix, the composition and production are lost. Mixing and mastering are where balance, timing, technical skill and above all feel, combine to create the gold. MM™ bring these skills to its productions and  offer mixing and mastering as independent services. 

After great recordings comes great mixing. A mix can turn potential brilliance to ordinary. Separation, excitement, space and creativity are the essential elements. In-between, the skilfull use of track EFX, eq and level balance, along with deceisive editing (what stays, what goes), is pivotal.

MM™ know that sometimes simple is best. But we also know the devil is always in the detail, however complex the project. 

Studio equipment


Mastering is the 'glue' in your mix. Carefully shaping the 'overall sound', fixing balance issues and enhancing characteristics. This differs based on the direction and ambition of the track, or tracks, but examples include adding depth, clarity, warmth, punch and overall loudness. Using various techniques and a blend of state-of-the-art and classic equipment, the highly skilled fresh eared mastering engineer, will be equalising the sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimizing global playback across all systems and media formats. Mastering is the final and essential step within the entire creative process.

MM™ work with leading mastering engineers.
In addition to our own work, we provide collaborative online mastering services for music professionals. 

If you are intersted in MM™ taking a look at mixing and/or mastering your project. Please click here for further information on what we can do for you.