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Mix and Master

MM™ Professional online Mix and Master service.

Please read all the information, or if you have seen it all before and know how it all works click on the buttons below to take you directly to that service.

How We Work

What we do and how we do it.

This service is virtual in as much as everything is executed by file transfer, with communication via email. There is no physical presence as such, but rest assured only real-life skilled professionals are at the controls.

We ask for a detailed brief to be sent with your audio files, along with a rough stereo mix and for our reference, a list of any tracks you think are in the same sphere of sound you are looking for. When the engineer has taken a listen and read through your brief, we will let you know if we think we can deliver what you are looking for at that stage, or possibly offer suggestions for improvements before taking the project any further. This is an important first step.

You will be sent an email requesting payment only after we have agreed to proceed. Once payment is confirmed the studio work begins.

More important information here.



The premium audio mastering studio delivers the highest standards across all services. Together with Jerome Schmitt (Airlab) - our specialist audio mastering engineer of choice, we are able to give your music a fresh presentation that cannot be achieved in a traditional studio environment. It is the all-important final polish.

The studio is fully equipped with specially selected world-class analogue and digital audio mastering equipment.

Uploading files to the server


Upload your stereo mix wav file. Minimum requirement is 44.1/16bit. We prefer 48/24bit, along with your mastering notes . Further information is avaialble on the Mastering Page.

Mastering equipment


Within 5 days your mastered track will be complete and you will be notified via email that your file is ready for download via the transfer service. (A faster turnaround is available at additional cost).

Mastering engineer at the controls


*If you would like the engineer to make some revisions, notify us by email with your requirements within 48hrs. We will do what we can to adjust and incorporate your revisions.


In order to give warmth and richness to your mixes without changing their detailed artistic vision, we use a very high end selection of dedicated mastering equipment.

From Prism Sound, Maselec, Avalon, Weiss and TC Electronic system 6000, for a no compromise sound enhancement... to the classic Sontec EQ, Manley, Thermionic Culture and Cranesong for even more unique sonic bliss. Our monitoring system is also of the highest quality and leaves no room for error. We use the very high end BB5-XBD monitors from PMC powered with 6 Bryston 4B-SST amplifiers.

What You Get

Amazing sound - As standard 

1x 24 bit WAV file master

1x 16bit/MP3 version

All revisions, if needed until your complete satisfaction*

(*free revisions don't include re-supplied mixes, or other files and additions)

Price list here.

Important service information here.



The secret of the sound is buried in the mix? Mix Engineer, equipment, studio, the room, creativity - Whatever it is that combines to release the secret of the sound, at MM™ we strive to find it from within your recorded tracks and deliver a great sounding mix. It's worth noting that if you don't have a great mix, you almost certainly won't achieve a great master.

Once we have accepted the project and received your stems (maxiumum 8 stems) via file transfer. The actual mix process works in x3 simple stages.

Adjusting sliders at mixing console


Our engineers will develop an initial mix and send you a medium quality MP3 in order for you to listen and make sure we are heading in the right direction - On the same hymn sheet.

Mixing console display screen


A final mix is produced incorporating adjustment comments you have made (via email) at stage 1. We send the final mix as a medium quality MP3 for you to evaluate.

Studio monitor speaker cone


*We allow for one single group of changes to the final mix. You have 48hrs from receiving the file to let us know if you would like to make any changes.

What You Get

Final mix files are 48k/24bit WAV or as per your original file settings + any additional file options you may have ordered.

[*Free revisions don't include re-supplied audio files].

NOTE: All mixes are performed by our own roster of producers/mix-engineers. As a result of our own original music workload, online projects are subject to availability and only taken on after we have listened to a rough mix of the track and decided if we think we can add to the creativity of the originally recorded stems. If we don't think we can add to a project, we may refer you to one of our industry colleagues. This isn't a guarantee.

Price list here.

Important service information here.

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