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Music Composition.
Sound Design.

'It begins with an idea in someone's head'

'After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music'

Aldous Huxley.

MM™ compose and produce fresh music in various genres, for a diverse range of visual media and recording artist projects. In-house composers, production engineers and artistic collaboration with choice musicians from around the world, inspire and create.

Contemporary and classic media composers now have a vast array of options open to them, whatever the style, or genre. The mix of carefully crafted notation and sound design, utilising classic and revolutionary technologies combine to invent and re-invent the music score - opening up exciting, innovative, sonic possibilities.

Original music at MM™

We compose music for filmmakers, games, brands and recording artists. We produce music for the times in our life.

Interview with founder in studio

How we do things

Technology is expanding creative freedom like never before. Gone are the constraints of geographical location and physical delivery logistics. MM™ exploit digital communication to talk, view, demo, record and deliver finished works. Cyberspace doesn't replace in-person collaboration and creative dialogue - It's about adapting to each project and discovering the best working relationships.

It's usual to set about new works from a brief and/or storyboard, animatic, a rough, or even final cut. If we believe we can add to the creativity, we pitch an original idea. If time isn't a luxury and a fast turnaround is essential, we may go ahead and compose and produce a finished work with minor revision options.

String section recording in studio


Filmmakers and storytellers will often have a particular musical idea in mind and may even be working on a project listening to specific tracks and genres of music. Whether or not this is the case, it is our task to understand the why's, the vision and feel. Work through ideas, get creative, propose and ultimately compose original cues that capture the heart and mind.

We compose fresh music for all visual media and recording artists. Piano, guitar, strings, full orchestra, electronic, world, vocals, live band and fusions of all.

In addition to original works, MM™ re-imagine commercial music tracks, working with copyright owners to secure the necessary mechanical rights.

Electronic musical equipment

Sound Design

Most commonly associated with SFX and dialogue, sound design is extensively applied in contemporary composition. In some cases forming the entire composition, or hook within a soundtrack. 

Some tracks spawn from sound design rather than notation as the driver, opening up new sonic possibilities. MM™ has the inventiveness and technology at its disposal to experiment and compose with sound design alone, or as elements within a broader musical form.

SFX in isolation is something we develop or originate, if a project requires sounds that are anything from slightly outside reality and beyond.